Chocolate Fondue… I Thank You!

Angie Chocolate, Gratitude

Dear Universe,

I have long been a fan of chocolate fondue.  I remember in college when I received a fondue set as a gift, my roommate and I whipped up a milk chocolate batch that could have fed our entire neighborhood.  Even after we devoured the fruit, the marshmallows and the brownie pieces all soaked in chocolate, we still had so much fondue left.  We drizzled chocolate over pretzels–still too much chocolate.  And when the leftovers clogged up our kitchen sink drain for weeks, I still never got sick of the coco scent that permeated our home like a holiday candle burning non-stop.

This weekend all those fond memories came pouring in and melted my heart because chocolate fondue saved my life–or at least my night.

I went on a first date.  And the night was awkward and strange and just as I was thinking of how I would politely end the debacle, the bartender came over and offered us dessert options.  My face must have beamed when he said chocolate fondue… but I wanted to go home, right?  My date was set on creme brulee; my one hope for the night shattered.  That’s when the bartender looked right at me and said the words, “I will make you a mini fondue.”  I heard angels singing and had a moment of wanting to climb over the bar and embrace the bartender, but I didn’t want to be too obvious.  You know I’m a lady.

The fondue was served to me like a trophy for getting through the evening.  It was delicious.  Graham crackers, pineapples and strawberries.  Universe, I was gracious and even shared–did you notice?  Alas, I didn’t finish the fondue.  I felt satisfied; it was the bright spot of the whole date.  I was grateful for the bartender, the fondue and that the night was almost over.

That’s when my date said, “You sure can eat a lot.”  Way to make a girl feel like Shamu.

Check please!  The night was officially over.

No thank you for the bad date (I know you’ll do better next time), but thank you for chocolatey goodness that made my evening.

Sincere appreciation,