Thank You! No, really! I mean it!

Angie Gratitude

Dear Universe,

As you are well aware, sometimes I seek out spiritual guidance.  With so many changes occurring all at once, I felt it was time to get a reading done.  It didn’t disappoint.  One thing after another rang true from work, to health, to relationships.  But what I liked most about the reading is the feeling I had during it.  It took me a moment to recognize it, but it was a sense of peace, a sense of contentment.  I know in my heart that things are changing for the better, that great things beyond my imagination are coming my way, but to hear someone else tell me the same things, well, it just makes it more real.  It makes me feel it’s okay to be hopeful…what a gift.  So thank you for that.

Towards the end of the reading, my spiritual reader asked if I was practicing gratitude.  All I could do was laugh.  Obviously I always have been grateful, but never as much as I have been lately.  I told her, “All the time!”  She pressed me, “But do you feel grateful?  Or are you just saying you are?”  I told her, “Oh, I’m feeling it.  Trust me!  That’s not a problem.  I have never been so appreciative in my life for all the blessings I have.”  She smiled, but I wasn’t sure if she believed me.

I think you believe me, though, right?  I’m pretty sure you can sense the change in me.

So Universe, I ask you to keep sending me signs and to have my intuition be in tune.  In return, I promise to be aware and to keep feeling grateful for all the blessings in my life.

It won’t be hard.  It’s coming pretty naturally these days.

A Heartfelt Thanks,