Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Angie London, Signs, Time Traveling

Dear Universe,

I always ask for signs and I believe I receive them.  But ever since I got to London I feel like signs are being delivered at full force.  Street signs, billboards and advertisements seem to be shouting messages right at me.

I’ve been having so much fun noticing them.  Here’s a list of just the ones I saw yesterday and what my interpretation was.

In order:

* “Give Way:” Sometimes I need to get out of my own way.  Though it can be difficult, in the long run it’s often easier to simply give way to what’s happening instead of putting up a struggle and fight… It could also just mean to yield when necessary. 🙂

* “Time Warp:” Well, I asked to travel into the future and I have.  I took this as your little wink at me.

* “Cape of Good Hope:” I constantly say it’s good to have a little hope or better yet, a lot of hope.

 * “Logic Lane:”  When I find myself getting caught up in worry and fear, I’ll try to remember to keep sane and be logical.

* “The Independent:” Part of the reason this trip was so important for me was to prove to myself that I’m just as independent as I have ever been.  Thanks for acknowledging that.

* “Time Machines:” No explanation needed.  I laughed out loud while I took the picture.  Thanks for having a sense of humor.

* “Desire.  Ability:” I have both.  I know better things are coming my way.

* “Keep Calm and Carry On:” I’ve been noticing this one everywhere.  Message received.  I like this.  In fact, it may even become my new motto.

* “Happily Ever Afters:”  This made me think that there can be more than one version of what “happily ever after” is.  I vow not to get one image stuck in my head.  I’m keeping an open mind…and an open heart.

* “Humped Zebra Crossing:”  No secret message here.  Right?  Funny sign, though.  Thanks again for another laugh.

Seeing all these signs this close to the New Year feels hopeful and comforting.  Feel free to keep sending messages my way.  Like I always say, I’ll keep noticing, if you’ll keep sending.

With Gratitude,