London Calls Me a Stranger…

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Dear Universe,

It’s nice to be home.

That being said, I do miss my time abroad.  I miss the routine I created while at the same time feeling like anything was possible.  Each day there was a new adventure to go on, something to discover.

Here are a few of the things I already miss:

*My daily long walks all around the city—even wore out a pair of boots!

*Indulging on so many decadent sweets:  nutella and banana crepes (one of my favorites), peanut butter and jelly cupcakes (genius idea), pineapple white hot chocolate, baklava, chocolate pistachio croissants, French chocolates, candy… and not feeling guilty because I was walking around so much!

(I couldn’t bring myself to try the Scorpion candy, but it’s nice to have options).

And so many amazing cuisines: French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Brazilian, Nepalese, Moroccan, Lebanese…

*Big Ben.  Something about stepping off the Westminster subway stop and out into this area makes me smile from ear to ear.

*Hearing foreign dialects and British accents. I have to admit, I even noticed a British accent creeping in when I said particular phrases… and as ridiculous as I would feel, I liked it!

*Feeling a sense of peace being away from my normal routine.

*Time with family.

*Discovering British talents like my new guilty pleasure author—Karen Swan.  And a new musician—Ed Sheerhan.  I’m enjoying his whole album, but the lyrics to The City are fitting.

“The city never sleeps,
I hear the people walk by when it’s late,
Sirens beat through my windowsill…

This town is alive,
With lights that blind keep me awake,
Put my hood up, unlace and tie,
The street fills my mind…
London calls me a stranger,
A traveler  Ohoohohh,
This is now my home, My home,
Oh Woah…

The pavement is my friend,
It’ll take me where I need to go…”

I think of London as a home away from home now.

But again, it is great to be back.  There were dozens of things I missed about here too.  Being away always makes me appreciate things more—back home and wherever it is I am.  I have a tendency to see things with fresh eyes and a new exuberance.  That being said, please bring me more opportunities to travel.  It really does invigorate and inspire me.

Thank you for a happy and safe trip,