Vision Board Time

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Dear Universe,

Okay, so I only made my first vision board not that long ago.  BUT, this is 2012.  I feel like 2012 deserves its very own vision board with new juju.  I’ll consider the 2011 vision board a practice run.  Besides, I noticed some of the things have already happened!  Therefore, I believe the vision had to be refreshed.

(Old versus new)

So the other night I went at it.  I felt like someone else needed to be in on the positive wavelength so I roped my mother into it.

I equipped us with scissors, poster board, tape and glue.  From there we plopped ourselves on the floor in the midst of a pile of magazines.  Since she was a vision board virgin, I explained the basics.  Me:  Look for things that inspire you, make you smile, things that you want in your life—words, phrases, pictures—and cut them out.  Her:  Okay.

Not a hard concept.  I think she thought we’d be done in twenty minutes and then we could catch up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I insisted the television remain off so we could concentrate and get things done.  I thought we’d be done in an hour or so—I knew from my practice run that it takes longer than twenty minutes.

BUT, there we were two and a half hours later.  Progress:  Me: Sloppily cutting.  Her: Cutting intricately around every edge to optimize room on poster board. Me: Gluing on in a logical order of categories—well-being, inspirational phrases, goals…Her: asking why they television can’t be on while positioning and repositioning things on the poster board and asking my opinion.  Not gluing.  Me: Done.  Her:  Vision board likely to be done for 2013.

But it was fun.  We bonded over the experience and laughed when we found ourselves cutting out the same things or having the same ideas—like a travel section with the word “Passport” above all the places we want to visit.

It was nice to have some fresh inspiration and remind myself of what is I am really looking for and want.

Thank you for the time with my mother and for Vision Board 2012: It’s pretty kickass.