Year of the Dragon

Angie Chinese New Year, Hope, Manifesting, Wishing

Dear Universe,

My friend emailed me the other day and delivered some good news about the Chinese New Year.   “It’s the year of the water dragon, which they say is a year for wish manifestation!”

Granted I have never given much thought to the Chinese New Year and what it means, but when I read her message, I felt a wave of anticipation.  Wishing?  Manifesting?  So now I have a legitimate reason for what I’ve already been practicing?  Perfect!  Did this mean 2012 would be the year all my visions would start to fall into place?  I needed to find out more about this.

Upon further investigation, some light internet reading, I discovered that things are looking promising.  Occurring every sixty years, the Year of the Water Dragon—which started January 23rd and lasts until February 9th, 2013—is considered a time of prosperity since the dragon is one of the most auspicious signs.  The Chinese believe the dragon is a powerful sign from the heavens associated with affluence, power, luck and high energy.  Since dragons are also symbolic of change, this could be a year filled with new beginnings.  In fact, babies born under this sign are thought to be good luck for the whole family, so expect a baby boom in some parts of the world.  Other fresh starts could be with work, relationships, projects and creative endeavors…

I knew I was excited about 2012 for a reason.

Even better?  The New Year celebrations last for fifteen days.  That means we all still have time to toast and say, “Gong Xi Fa Ca!”  (Wishing you prosperity.)

And don’t forget to start wishing.

Thank you for providing even more hope for this New Year,