Spread Love

Angie Love

Dear Universe,

Well, it’s that one day of the year that people either love or hate.

I get it.  The lonely feel lonelier.  The betrothed feel even more beloved than usual…usually.

I hadn’t given much thought to today, until yesterday.  I ordered a grande mocha from Starbucks and when I went to throw out the cup I stopped.  Starbucks had a message for me.


Simple.  Obvious.  Sweet.

The word “Love” wasn’t alone, though.  All around it were arrows branching off in a dozen directions highlighting some common love phrases and different kinds of love like “first love” or “motherly love.”  These arrows got me thinking.  Love should be spread in all sorts of directions, to whoever, whenever.  It doesn’t need to be the love of our lives or even someone we know.  To reinforce this point was the message scrollled at the bottom of the cup: “Celebrate every love.”

This is a message for any day of the year, but today I will make a conscious effort to spread a little more love and joy to everyone I come into contact with.  And who knows?  Maybe I’ll get a bit of love reciprocated, even if it’s simply a smile.

Happy Spread Love Day.

Merci Bien,