It’s Time…

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Dear Universe,

Well, I did it again.  While I was in New York City over the long weekend I had the opportunity to meet with a spiritual reader and what can I say?  I went for it.

I’m so glad I did.  The reader was kind-hearted while cutting to the chase—just my style—and throughout the hour-long experience I was stunned several times by the accuracy of what he knew.  Things about past relationships and past events were right on target and reminded me how far I’ve come, how lucky I am to be where I am.

As for the future?  Well, he described a pretty bright one, filled with things I’m still too scared to imagine for fear of being let down.  But I’m hoping there is some truth to the revelations since everything else was so precise.

I’ve been thinking about the reading for the last several days and there’s one thing in particular that keeps repeating in my mind.

Towards the end he told me to stop worrying and overthinking so much (I know, I know, but easier said than done).  He reminded me how much things have changed and how grateful I should be (I am, I really am).  Then he paused, looked me straight in the eyes and simply said, “It’s time to dance.”

I nodded, trying not to get emotional.  It’s time to dance.  It’s time to live again.  It’s time to open up.  It’s time to stop worrying as much.

It’s time to dance.  I love it.  It felt like one of those moments when things collide to make perfect sense because I’m pretty sure the words “dance more” are on my New Year’s Day list.

I’d call it a coincidence, but he told me nothing in this life is a coincidence, that everything is connected.

So… here’s to connecting and here’s to dancing.

Thank you,



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