March, Already?

Angie Balance, Time 0 Comments

Dear Universe,

How is it already March 1st?

The last couple of weeks have felt like a whirlwind.  Such a whirlwind in fact, that I can’t even explain where the time has gone.  What have I been doing?

I don’t like that I can’t answer that.

I need to get back in a routine where I am more balanced and feeling productive, rather than frazzled and crazed.  I want the everyday juggle to look like a beautifully choreographed show rather than a chaotic amateur hour.

So it struck me as ironic timing when I saw an online article about time management.  Despite feeling rushed, I took the time to read it.  Okay, skim it—hey, I had other things to do!

Here’s what I gathered.  The idea is to dedicate one day a week towards something meaningful to you.  For instance, maybe your week gets filled up with Yoga Mondays, Cooking Healthy Wednesdays, Writing Fridays… that sort of thing.  I felt the article was encouraging people to be realistic.  Maybe I can’t fit in everything every day, but if each day is devoted to something specific that’s important to me then my week will balance out better.

I feel inspired.  I want to try it.  I just need to sit and plan out what my days of the week should be.

I will.  Soon.

(Did I mention I read that article over a week ago?)

Please bring me some inspiration and balance.

Thank you,



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