Fairy Festivities

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Dear Universe,

This weekend I attended a birthday party for my best friend’s daughter.  I found myself feeling as I usually do when I go to one of my friend’s parties: in awe.

My best friend is a woman of many talents.  One of them is party planner extraordinaire.  I’ve never seen a celebration she’s planned that isn’t creative, fun and focused on all the little details.  There was the Mexican fiesta with tacos, sombreros, maracas and a piñata.  There was the Western-themed party with baked beans, cowboy hats, haystacks and pony rides.  I always worried the pony rides would be hard to top, but then there was the mermaid themed party—held at a beach with seashell pasta and leis.  The kids loved running around in the sand right as the sun was setting.

Yesterday was a fairy-themed shindig for her three-year-old daughter.  Upon arriving at the party, each little girl was gifted a fuchsia tutu to wear and a bright flower to clip into her hair.  The birthday girl sported a tutu, fairy wings, and a flowered laurel as she ran around with her magic fairy wand, complete with streamers that cascaded around her as she fluttered about.  Flower centerpieces were bright pink Gerber daisies sprinkled with fairy dust (glitter) and a purple butterfly positioned to appear as though it’s ready to land on a flower any moment.  There was fairy-themed food to munch on like magic fruit wands (kebob sticks with blueberries, raspberries and pieces of pineapple, topped with a chocolate covered strawberry), Fairy Wings Pasta Salad and Fizzy Fairy Punch to sip.  One of my favorite touches?  A clear vase filled with pixie sticks labeled pixie dust.

I watched as my friend hosted, served, entertained and photographed, enjoying every second of it.  As a full-time working mom, who is also starting her own business, while she raises her two amazing daughters—both under the age of five—she carries herself with a poise and energy that makes it look so easy.

She inspired me, as she so often does, with her creativity, her grace and her love.  I look at her and think—if she can do all this, then I can do a lot more.

And I only hope if I have kids someday, I will plan parties for them that they cherish and remember.  Her daughter danced around until she was the last fairy twirling and then told everyone as they walked out, “Thanks for coming to my party.”  She was filled with joy and smiles.  Maybe it was all the fairy dust, but the day did feel a little magical.

And if I’m having a creative block planning my parties, I have a feeling my friend will be there to help.  Because even in her busy life of juggling all her responsibilities, she always has time to spread love.

Thank you for an enchanted day,



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