Witches, Dragon’s Blood and Incense? Just Another Day in Salem…

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Dear Universe,

A brilliantly warm, sunny Saturday with nothing pressing to get done can only mean one thing: a day trip to Salem, MA.

I’ve only been to Salem two other times, but each trip would somehow come together in a serendipitous way with messages or signs coming my way.

Yesterday felt a little different.  Nothing stood out for me—no candles, no incense, no books.  For the most part I wandered aimlessly, wanting to find something that would move me forward in my spiritual journey, but nothing grabbing my attention.

Still, the day was relaxing and a nice break from routine.  Favorite moments?

* Discovering a new spiritual reader.  She was sweet, peaceful and offered reassurance that I’m entering into a positive period.  I’ll take it.

* A chocolate and coconut espresso—delicious!

* Taking in all the unique goods that Salem has in abundance.  Dragon’s blood, love oil, specialized tarot decks, spell books and broomsticks—not made for cleaning.  Salem shopping is always a memorable experience.

* Lunch by the water sipping on a tropical watermelon, cantaloupe and coconut-rum infused red sangria—also delicious!

* Another reading with someone I met my first trip to Salem.  He was insightful, but also predicted some pretty wild things. (A singing firefighter?  I’ll keep my eyes peeled and my ears open for that one).  But waiting is part of the deal; it’s half the fun, after all.

Thank you for a mystical kind of day.  They’re one of my favorite kinds!

With Gratitude,



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