Paris Calling

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Dear Universe,

I miss Paris. (Don’t worry, London.  I still miss you too).  The thing is I see reminders of London pretty frequently.  The last two weeks though, Paris is calling.

First, it was a license plate in bustling New York City that caught my eye.  “PARISCAT” it said.  I did a double take.

Next, I got an email from a book site making a recommendation: Paris In Love, a memoir by Eloisa James. The description?  A college professor/writer takes a sabbatical, packs her and her family up and moves to Paris for a year.  Sold.  I mean basically this is a dream of mine.  I devoured the book, highlighting every place I want to go when I get back only to find the author gives a handy reference at the end.

These were minor signs, I felt.  But then I went to the pet store.  And Paris found me there too.

My three-year-old niece had been asking me for a dog.  I think she thought I’d give in and say yes.  I explained she had to ask her parents so then she started asking me for goldfish.

I could do that.  So I took her to the pet shop.

I was pushing her in the carriage when we stopped to look at decorations for her fishbowl.  We saw it at the same time.  A plastic Arc de Triomphe and an Eiffel Tower.

“Look!  Look!  It’s your castle and tower!”  My niece exclaimed.  (Did I mention she’s incredibly smart?)

She recognized them from my charm bracelet that I have yet to take off.  (The one I got at L’Arc:  I added an Eiffel Tower to it before I left).

While I was in Paris I had bought my niece a mini Arc de Triomphe jewelry box and when I presented it to her I explained I went all the way to the top and that one day I’d take her with me.  She often carries it around and tells me the story of how I climbed the “castle.”  Too cute.

“That’s right!”  I told her, shocked.  “That’s in Paris, France.  I’m going to take you someday.”

“Paris, France!”  Her eyes widened.

But really?  Paris in the pet store?  I had to laugh.

A Parisian-themed fish tank?  I kind of like the idea.  I would buy redcap goldfish to make it seem like they are wearing berets, name them Gustave and Pierre and speak to them in French.

Maybe I’ll do it someday.  But I think I’ll hold off on getting any pets right now.  I want the freedom to travel.

Thanks for Paris popping up all over the place.  I know I’ll get back there.

Much Gratitude,


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