Lunar List

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Dear Universe,

Yesterday my friend emailed me and at the end threw in this caveat:  “Oh!  It’s a lunar eclipse Monday and a full moon–supposed to be a good time to start new things and set intentions for the next six months.”

Yes.  She’s as awesome as she sounds.  She is frequently emailing me tidbits like this knowing I will love it as much as her, but better than that, she is just all around supportive, sweet, understanding and wise.

But I digress.  I knew immediately I had to do something.  We went back and forth a few more times discussing our individual plans of action.

Coincidentally, I am just starting to get back into The Magic.

I know it’s horrible that I fell off The Magic-wagon, but I am back on, determined to finish.  Anyway, I opened the book and the practice of the day was all about setting intentions!  It felt serendipitous so I read on.

The book asks readers to think long and hard about what we want.  It asks us to make a very specific list of those things—whether it’s in our career, our home, our health or our relationships.  We should preface each item on the list with the words, “thank you, thank you, thank you” as though we have already received what we’re hoping for.  We should also visualize how we would feel and what we would say once we have those things in our lives.

So I went for it.  It was fairly easy since I do things like this pretty frequently.  As you know, Universe, I’m a fan of lists.

In general, I think it’s good to make a list or check in every few months or whatever feels right—maybe even once a week.  It doesn’t have to be because there’s a full moon or because something major is going on.  It should just become routine, like going to the the doctor.  It’s a way of doing a mental check-up, to make sure our actions are still on track with our intentions and what we are striving for.

If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.

Thank you for the time to sit and clear my head.  It really felt like perfect timing.

With Gratitude,



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