Summer Solstice

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Dear Universe,

Today is summer solstice, which is a fancy name for the longest day and shortest night of the year.  It’s the official welcome of summer.  And since I love summer so much this got me thinking—what can I do to celebrate it properly?

All over the world people bring in the summer solstice in a number of ways.

In Austria boats sail down the Danube River accompanied with a fireworks show.  In Denmark and France bonfires are common occurrences.  And in Italy, summer solstice celebrations sometimes last for days with street markets set up in the daylight and fireworks going off at dusk.  In England, expect a large gathering at Stonehenge.  Last year around 18,000 people gathered to rejoice the coming of summer and to see the sunrise over the prehistoric stone monument.

Here in the States?  Well, I for one would like to make it to Coney Island for the annual Mermaid Parade.  Nothing says sun and sand like mermaids.  The day starts off with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the sea where fruit is tossed into the Atlantic as an offering to the Sea Gods.  Following the parade is a Mermaid Ball, where guests arrive in costume and are entertained the whole night through.  Some even describe it as New York’s own Mardis Gras.

Now that’s a kickoff to summer.

On a different note, some believe the summer solstice is the best night of the year to perform rituals, especially for love.  Just throwing that out there.  Not admitting to anything.  🙂

I think wherever you live and whatever your beliefs are, the summer solstice is a great excuse to be merry the whole day and night through.  Because who doesn’t love summer and who doesn’t love a good celebration?  It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but maybe it can become a new tradition.

Here’s to a happy summer!

With Gratitude,



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