Place of Peace

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Dear Universe,

Everyone needs a place.

A place where you can go to escape, even for an hour.  A place that distracts you from your troubles.  A place that immediately comforts you.

Over the years I’ve had many places.  There was my grandparents’ house.  I remember one time showing up completely disheveled in my pajamas, eyes puffy from crying.  I walked in, barely said hello, and headed straight for their couch to lie down.

And they let me.  The only question they asked was if I wanted to stay for dinner.

Now that they’re gone, I miss that.

I also have my family and friends’ homes.  I’m welcome anytime, can stay as long as I want and am surrounded by love.  Plus, they make sure I don’t leave until I’m smiling again.

But there’s one place I keep going back to year after year: the beach.  Anytime, anywhere—if there’s a beach, take me there.

If someone were to open up the trunk of my car they would see beach towels, a beach chair, a change of clothes, a bathing suit, sunscreen, magazines… I always want to be ready to land at the beach on a whim.  The thing is I leave these things in my car year round.  It’s as though I want to be reminded, even in the middle of a bitter New England winter, not to despair—that the beach is waiting for me.  It’s right around the corner.

Something about breathing in the sea-salt air, digging my toes in the sand, a good book in one hand, an iced coffee in the other, can bring me a sense of relief in an instant.  It doesn’t matter if I’m at my local beach or something more tropical like the flour-white sands of St. John or the black-sands of Santorini—the feeling is always the same.

Pure happiness.  Pure peace.

It’s the same feeling I get whenever I’m traveling or simply in the company of the ones I love most.

Life can be a real…beach.  It can be a lot of other things too, but sometimes—just sometimes, it can be as a delightful as a warm, sunny day on the beach.  Or as comforting as your grandparents’ couch.

Everyone needs a place.

Thanks for letting me be lucky enough to have a few.

Much Gratitude,



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