OLove It!

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Dear Universe,

Through the years I’ve heard of lots of unique gift ideas.

I’ve seen of one-of-a-kind artwork and personalized, handcrafted jewelry.  I’ve heard of people adopting a highway or buying a star and naming it after you.  A few times I’ve had people make a donation in my honor to causes I feel strongly about.  All thoughtful choices.

But, I think I’ve heard of the best gift idea yet.

A friend of mine adopted an olive tree in Italy for her father.  Yes, you can do this.  For a year, the tree is all yours.  It gets tagged with your name and the olive oil the tree produces is shipped to you.

Here’s one company that lets you do this.

Now I don’t just love this idea because I love Italy, olives and olive oil (though that is certainly reason enough).  I love this concept because olive trees have so much symbolism behind them.

Depending on who you ask you’ll get some varying responses, but the answer is always a positive one.  Some might tell you that it’s a tree of hope.  Others will explain it’s a sign of peace—we’ve all heard the saying, “extending an olive branch.”  Because olive oil was once used as a lighting oil, it can also be thought of as a tree of light.  It’s also believed to be a symbol of wisdom, good health and balance.

I’ll take all of those, please.

I don’t have an olive tree, but if I ever adopt one I think that would be reason enough to make a trip to Italy.  After all, I’d have to go visit my tree, spend some quality time with it and take pictures!  It’s only right.  🙂

Thanks for the inspiration.

Much Gratitude,



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