Raise Your Glass

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“Don’t be fancy, just get dancey.  Why so serious?  So raise your glass…” ~Pink

Dear Universe,

I’m a big fan of the toast.  I don’t just mean at weddings, graduations or New Year’s Eve.  I mean at any time.  I believe you shouldn’t need a special occasion to raise your drink and clink glasses with someone else.

Friday night drinks with the ladies?  Cheers to that.  Saturday movie night, home in sweats?  Cheers to that too.

I’m such a fan of the toast that I accidentally taught my goddaughter (who was two at the time) how to raise her sippy cup to my wine glass, say cheers, smile and take a taste.  I’m not necessarily proud of this, but it is darn cute… And okay, it wasn’t really an accident.  We practiced a lot when her parents weren’t looking.

Anyway, the thing is I appreciate small moments.  (Maybe an obvious point given the nature of my blog).  But what I mean is sometimes I take the time to appreciate and recognize the small moments more than I do the big ones.

I’m just not good at the big ones.

I don’t know why I’m like that since I’m happy to celebrate the silliest of things or partake in other people’s recognition of milestones or accomplishments, but when it comes to me, I simply don’t want to make a fuss.

College graduation?  Skipped it.  All of it.  I wouldn’t even pose in my cap and gown for some pictures.  Instead I opted for a dinner with family and close friends.  Birthdays?  I’d prefer to not have a big surprise party (yet somehow I’ve been given three!) and instead know ahead of time what I’m doing.  Grad school graduation?  Well, see above.  Except this time no dinner either.

So when I went out the other night to celebrate a bunch of happy things going on, I was glad to—because I wasn’t the main focus, only a part of it.  That I can do.

But I realized by the end of the night how joyful it made everyone I was with to not just toast to their accomplishments, but mine as well.  They were truly pleased for me and excited to show that.

I started to think.

Maybe I’ve been afraid to celebrate big moments because I’m afraid those things will turn sour, be taken away or lead to disappointment.  Inwardly I’m grateful and express it, but I don’t want to make too much of an outward show of jubilation.  It’s much easier to toast to morning mimosas on the beach because there’s nothing at stake.

Thanks for letting me realize this.  I know that while being grateful is essential, it’s just as important to celebrate the big stuff, to show appreciation in small ways and big ways… Most of all, I know it’s better to share it with other people.

I’ll try to remember that the next time something momentous happens…though I probably still won’t want a party or parade in my honor.

I think I’ll be content with a simple toast.

Thanks for letting me be surrounded by people who care so much.




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