Date Night

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Dear Universe,

Friday night I took a break from working to go on a date… with my mom. 🙂

We were both pretty tired so just headed to a nearby restaurant with good food and ambiance.  We went early, knowing it wouldn’t be a late night.

When we arrived the restaurant was still fairly empty so we grabbed two seats at the bar.  The bartender remembered me—(he was the one who had made me a mini-fondue for dessert a while back.)

We ordered drinks—a Dragonberry Sangria for me and a Lemon Drop Martini for her.  We sipped, shared food, had pleasant conversation—our usual routine when we go out together.

By now the restaurant and bar had gotten busy.  All around us sat couples; it was date night.

The couple to our right started chatting with us.  The gentleman was a writer so I was intrigued to learn more.  Soon another couple piggy-backed into our conversation.

I’m all about being social when I go out—everyone who knows me knows this.  Young, old, single, coupled up, male, female—doesn’t matter.  Sometimes it’s to an extreme, but it’s in my DNA and I can’t control it.  Besides, I enjoy meeting new people and I like hearing stories.  But as we sat at the bar a part of me wondered why the couples were so eager to chat.  They really were excited to talk to us like we were movie stars or even local reality stars.  It was that strange.

And then it hit me.  All these couples were out together but had nothing to say to each other.

It always makes me sad when I see a couple out together with absolutely nothing to talk about.  In fact, whenever I am dating someone I often ask myself—will we someday turn into the couple with nothing to say to each other?  I get that sometimes we will bask in comfortable silence (and I enjoy that!)  I get that sometimes it will be slow news days in our lives, and that’s okay too.

But absolutely nothing to discuss?  That scares me.

Finally, my mom and I stood up to get going.  The two couples seemed disheartened.  They asked why we were leaving so early?  Where we were going?  Did we come here often?

That’s when one of the women said to us, “You know, you two make a good couple.”

“Yeah.  You really do make a good couple.  And you’re both so glamorous together.”  The other woman added.

At first I was taken aback.  My mom and I?  A good couple?  Then I glanced around the bar, took in all the couples eating, but not talking, drinking but not listening and looked back at my mom.

I couldn’t help but smile.

“Yeah.  We do make a good couple.”

Thank you for a nice night and the enjoyable company.  That combination is not always easy to find.

Looking forward to our next date night.

With Gratitude,



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