Make it Count

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“Don’t count the days.  Make the days count.” ~Muhammad Ali

Dear Universe,

Recently I came across an article titled, “10 Places to See Before They’re Gone.”

The nostalgic side of me kicked in.  Before they’re gone?

The traveler in me perked up.  Would there be new spots for me to add to my leap/bucket list?  Expedia was just a click away.

But as I read through the graphics and facts, the thrill of a new adventure lessened.  Instead it depressed me.  When I had first seen the title I assumed that these places would be gone eventually….like centuries from now, but some of the projected dates were much sooner.

According to this article, the Maldives and the Great Barrier Reef—both places I’d love to see—well, they’ll be gone in 100 years.

Venice?  Less than 70.

The Alps?  Only 40.

And the Taj Mahal?  Better get there before 2017.  Yes, 2017.

I closed the link, but the story stayed with me.  The thing is in life you never know how much time is left: in our own lives, the life of a loved one, a relationship, a job, a place we’re living…  Life is constant change.

So why should these exotic locations be any different?  We shouldn’t need a time table with facts and graphics to tell us to appreciate something before it’s gone.

So save away for a trip to the Taj Mahal if that’s what you’re dying to do.  Catch up with your friend or grandparent you haven’t seen in a while.  Skydive.  Slowdance just because.  Sing the loudest your lungs will allow.  Jump for joy.  Plant a garden.  Make a cuppa tea and read the book that you’ve been aching to get to, the one that’s waiting on your shelf collecting dust.  Learn a new language or take a yoga class if that’s been on your “if only I had the time to-do list.”

Make the time.

Because in life we shouldn’t need an exact expiration date to inspire us, move us or make us do the things we want to do most, see the people we love most.  We shouldn’t count or countdown the days, but instead we should make each of the days count.

Thank you for the reminder.

Much Gratitude,



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