Let It Out

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Dear Universe,

Last month I spotted this card in a tiny London shop that was filled with countless humorous gems like this one.  It gave me a chuckle so I bought it planning to send it to a friend.  The other day I took it out to mail it and I realized that maybe there is some truth behind this message.

Sometimes you just need a little release.

I’m not saying it’s okay to go around screaming and yelling at everyone you see.  (Most people won’t appreciate that.)

But I am suggesting that it’s important to not hold things in.  They fester and build until suddenly you do want to go around screaming at everyone you see.

I’ll always remember telling a friend of mine (the same one I bought the card for) of a particularly bad day I was having.  I emailed her and confided that I had spent most of the day crying on the floor in fetal position.  It wasn’t pretty and I was worried that these crying fests were becoming too common of an occurrence.  I assumed she’d respond telling me that something was wrong with me, that I needed to seek immediate help.

Instead she responded with grace and understanding.  She told me it was okay, that sometimes you just need to cry and that as long as you get back up again—which she knew I would—then no harm done.

It was a gift.  She gave me permission to let it all out.  Guilt free.  Because there’s nothing worse than feeling guilty about feeling bad.

Go easy on yourself.  And when necessary make the time to give yourself the gift of release.

Vent with a friend.  Laugh hard.  Go for a walk or a jog.  Cry if you must (preferably not on the floor—it’s just uncomfortable).  Meditate or practice yoga.  Deep breathe until you feel zen again.  Kick box or karate kick.  Blast music and sing at the top of your lungs or dance until you drop.  Hit the gym, hit a pillow, hit the road.  Work out, work it out or work on it.

Whatever it is you do, just don’t hold it in.

And always be sure to get back up.

With Gratitude,



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