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Dear Universe,

I have a habit.  I’m not sure exactly when it began, but it’s definitely become more frequent these last couple of years.

I leave myself pieces of inspiration tucked away in corners, pockets, books, drawers, you name it, that I will come across at some future date.  These scraps of paper—which come in many different forms, sometimes even a cut out from a magazine—usually make me smile, make me think or make me remember.  Sometimes they even make me question.

I’ve been on a lucky streak these last few days.  My wallet spilled revealing a folded over, faded Post-it note.  “I am enough.  I have enough.  I do enough.”  Cleaning my purse uncovered some fortune cookie wisdom.  “ 🙂 You are heading in the right direction. :)”  (Yes, it really had the two happy faces).  And as I turned the page in my daily planner to enter the month of October, a single question graced the pages.

“What is my mission?”

I had forgotten writing that, just as I had forgotten about the slip of paper in my overstuffed wallet (an idea from something I read that suggested writing those three sentences and reading them at least once a day) and the strips of fortune cookie sayings I had saved (a kick I was on for a while).

But I remembered why I wrote that question.  Someone asked me that over a year ago.  I couldn’t come up with a definitive response so I wrote the question in various spots to remind me to keep thinking about it, to hopefully someday have the answer to it.

I’m no closer today than I was all those months ago to answer what my mission is.  But I know I am a lot closer to it, that I am on the path to find it.

I guess I really am “heading in the right direction.”

And that is progress.

These notes and papers are like little gifts when I discover them.  They remind me of where I have been and re-inspire me all over again.

Whenever I find a note something else happens too.  I pause.  I reflect.  It centers me for that moment.  Then I re-hide the message, knowing it will pop up just when I need the words most.

Life has a funny way of working like that.

Thanks for the week of wisdom.

Much Gratitude,


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