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Dear Universe,

I thought of London this week, as I often do, but this was different.  How could I not reminisce about London when this poster kept greeting me every corner I turned at work?

“Keep Calm and Flaunt It.”

Certainly, the sexiest Keep Calmism I’ve seen yet.

But it didn’t just stop there.  I headed to class (at a different school) and three of my students walked in wearing the same Keep Calm t-shirt.  I think it was “Keep Calm and Live Well.”

A nice message.  It turned out their dorm had made them.  Of course I hinted that if there were extras around to feel free to pass one along to me.  Well, I more than hinted, but that’s beside the point.

Then yesterday, my brother sent me an email about Keep Calm-o-matic, the site where you can make your own Keep Calm catchphrase.

Some of the ones people have made?  “Keep Calm and Ride Unicorns,” “Keep Calm and Buy Another Shoe,” and “Keep Calm and Let It Be.”

Not sure about riding unicorns, but I like the other two.  🙂

If you’re not feeling your most creative, just click on their online shop to find an array of Keep Calm products ranging from tote bags to ties, to notecards to notebooks, to aprons to oven gloves, and even a Keep Calm and Carry On hot water bottle.

Yes, a hot water bottle.

Basically, you can have reminders to keep calm no matter what you are doing.

All this reminded me how a couple of weeks back a friend sent me a link to an infographic detailing the history of how Keep Calm came to be.

I love when family and friends send me emails and links to things they know I will appreciate.  It’s so nice to be thought of.

And maybe all these Keep Calmisms popping up are a way for me to remember to well, do just that.

So I think I will… Keep Calm and Carry On.

Much Gratitude,


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