Divine Day

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Dear Universe,

Sometimes I just want you to give me a little spiritual guidance.  A nudge, a wink, a sign, something.  Anything to tell me I am moving in the right direction, a clue as to what’s next or a hint to what I should be doing—in case I am missing anything.

So, I ask.

And usually you deliver.  Little signs pop up.  I smile and give thanks.  But sometimes I need something more obvious, more direct—just to be extra sure.

And it’s times like those that I seek out a spiritual reader, hoping for some insight.  The other day, that’s just what I did.  I woke up and scored a same day appointment with someone I had heard of but had never met.  I felt ready to hear what would come up.  Right before I got there, I got a text from my best friend asking me if I wanted to meet her at a spiritual shop later that night.  We had been wanting to go for months.  It felt like serendipitous timing.  I laughed and responded with an enthusiastic yes.

A short time later I got another text, from a different friend.  She wanted to know if I wanted to take a road trip in a couple of months to meet a psychic she thinks is out of this world.

The timing was too funny.  I was starting to wonder if maybe you wanted me to have some guidance too.

And so my day went.

Part One:  Afternoon:  Tarot Reading.  Lots to say, right on point, helpful, hopeful.  I left feeling glad I went.

Part Two:  Nighttime:  Reiki Healing.  I wasn’t expecting that.  I wasn’t expecting much of anything really, but when I walked in and my best friend’s friend, a Reiki Healer, came up to me and said, I want to get you on my table and work on you, I went with it.  He told me, it’s time to get your happiness back.

I wasn’t sure where it went, but hop on the table, I did.

I left feeling lighter…happier even.

Thank you, Universe for coming through all day long.  The way it all unfolded certainly caught me by surprise, the kind of surprise I actually like.

It’s funny how sometimes when I ask for something you really do respond immediately—just to be extra sure that I’m getting it.  Thanks for all the divine guidance and messages.  I won’t soon forget them.  (Plus, you know I took notes!)

Much Gratitude,


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