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Dear Universe,

Yesterday morning, I had some surprise visitors.  I hadn’t seen them in a couple of months so their return was… well, a surprise.

These aren’t old friends I’m talking about or even family.  No, no.  My visitors are of the feathered variety.

It seems a flock of wild turkeys have taken a liking to me.

Yes, wild turkeys.

At first, their sight was just alarming.  Wild turkeys are BIG.  So when they sauntered into my yard a couple of months ago, it was a sight to see.  They acted as if they owned the place.  I snapped some pictures from afar, went back to washing dishes and thought nothing of it.

Except it did seem sort of odd.  I mean it’s not like I live on a farm.

Then one afternoon, I put my shoes on and went to check the mail.  I opened the door, stepped outside, spotted a turkey staring at me, and jetted back in.

The mail could wait.

Yesterday, as I sat sipping my morning coffee and checking email, seven turkeys walked onto my snow-filled porch and right up to the window.  I jumped at the sight.  They just looked.  I swear one winked.  I wondered if they were waiting for me to do something like invite them in for breakfast.

Once they were done checking on me, they waved their feathers, turned and left.

Finally, I decided it was time to look more into this.  I had been meaning to ever since the showdown in the driveway.  Wild turkeys must mean something.  After all, we are all supposed to have our spiritual animal in us—I’m an owl—and since I am always asking for signs, I thought I may be ignoring a really obvious one.

This is what I’ve found:

Turkeys are seen as spiritual animals, especially in Native American and ancient Mexican cultures.  Some tribes still perform ritual turkey dances since the animals are thought to be a symbol of awareness, fertility, harvest, abundance, tenacity, gratitude and new beginnings.

They could be a sign your voice or opinion needs to be heard.  They might also teach us to be fierce enough to confront a challenge or fear in our lives.  That’s making me think…

Oh, and according to another website, it may mean I’m becoming a mystic since some believe the turkey is linked to your third eye and intuition.

If I start seeing visions, I’ll be sure to share.

For now, I’ll take the idea of a new beginning in the New Year.  And yes, I will try to be more aware and notice signs the first time around, instead of taking months to acknowledge it.

Thank you for the visits.  I hope the turkeys find their way as I work on finding mine.

With Gratitude,



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  2. Jillian

    I Know this was a long time ago, but I thought I would share.

    I got married in, Sundance Utah, October of 2014, and I had 4 wild turkeys (two couples), I feel, that blessed my wedding. They walked right through my location & alter. It was beautiful and I thought very sweet that they were guests of honor, for our fall wedding. I took some pictures and left it at that. Today My friend and I were talking about turkeys some how and we got on the subject and I dug further. I found a few spiritual posts and then this one.

    I was pregnant, a month and half later (I had no idea, yet)! And in hindsight, I had a TERRIBLE migraine, On Thanksgiving day, I’m sure are hormones from my new pregnancy! These bird’s really mean business, & work some magic. Fertility Indeed!

    Oh… and I call my little man, a turkey, all the time!


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