Change in the Air

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Dear Universe,

Is it just me or does 2013 already feel really different from 2012?

I feel change coming.  And instead of the normal level of anxiety this would cause me, the change in the air feels good.  It feels like it’s about time.

Other people I’ve talked to have said something similar.  We can’t quite pinpoint or explain it, but it’s as if we all feel like a year from now life may be completely different than how it is now and again…it feels like a long time coming.

But it goes beyond that.  I feel different.  Maybe it was the impromptu Reiki healing I had.  Maybe it was all those New Year’s rituals I took part in or the tradition of flushing it all down the toilet.  Or maybe, just maybe, all that hard, emotional work is paying off.


The verdict is still out.  But for now, this change in the air is a welcome relief.

Something is shifting.  Maybe it’s only in minor, imperceptible ways, but I’ve come to realize it’s those tiny steps and little alterations that eventually lead to a monumental transformation.

Baby steps are often overrated—unless you are a baby; then each one is an amazing feat  But I am starting to see the beauty in mini-movements, the slow steps that when combined together create the whole of our lives.

That makes all of this sense of change feel a little less overwhelming.  Something tells me in a year, we all won’t even know if there was one defining moment that was the change.  It will just be.  That’s reassuring.

So, here’s to more baby steps, miniscule moments and embracing it all.

Much Gratitude,


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