This is it… It is, Right?

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Dear Universe,

As you know, I ask for signs.

Okaaay!  I ask for signs a lot.

Fine.  I ask for signs morning, noon and night.

Yes, I even ask for dreams with meaning and more often than not, you deliver.

Hey, at least I’m consistent.

That’s why when I saw this sign, I had to laugh.  It doesn’t get more obvious than that.  It got me thinking how so many times the signs I receive are blatantly clear (thank you) and how other times I’m not so sure I’m receiving the message.  This board reminded me that the signs are always there as long as I am open to any form they come in.

Keeping this in mind led me to recognize something I may have otherwise missed.

The other day I was having a moment.  I was distressed about a certain situation and luckily one of my best friends was on the phone offering her sage guidance.  Suddenly, a sandy colored fox sauntered up to the sliding glass doors on my deck, looked at me with its piercing, narrow gaze, stole my breath, then whipped around and sauntered off.

Since I have never seen a fox in my life and since this was the middle of the afternoon and I was in the midst of a mini-emotional moment, I couldn’t help but be alarmed.  I relayed the event to my friend.

Me:  It has to mean something, right?

Her:  Yes!

Me:  I’m looking this up!

Her:  I was just going to tell you to do that.

Hey, she’s my best friend for a reason.

And so I turned to my laptop and did some quick research.  Of course the findings made immediate sense.

Me:  Protection from evil… Someone who may be deceiving you, someone who is sly, cannot be trusted… Examine relationships in your life.

Her:  Well, there you go.

I realize if I wasn’t always on the lookout for signs, this may have gone unnoticed.  But because I am and because the timing and message were so serendipitous, I know it was one.

If you’re waiting for a sign, this is it.

Got it.  Thank you for sending me what I needed to hear.  I appreciate the distinct form it came in.

Much Gratitude,



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