Don’t Worry, Doll

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Dear Universe,

As much as I try not to be, I’m a worrier.

I worry about the future—which is pretty understandable.  Sometimes I worry about the present and what I’m doing in the now.   And on particularly worrisome days, I worry about the past and how it’s effecting the present and future!

It’s exhausting.

Other times I worry about my family, friends, their lives, their health, their children, their worries.

It’s exhausting.

I try to combat all this with positive mantras, happy thoughts, yoga, prayers, deep breathing and meditating.

It’s a different kind of exhausting, but it’s also fulfilling.

The other day I was looking for a small gift to buy a friend.  I wanted something to cheer her up, maybe put a smile on her face to ease her worried mind, if only for a moment.  I almost overlooked the tiny little doll staring at me.

A worry doll.

I knew immediately what it was, what this tiny speck of a doll could offer her because about a year and a half ago someone had brought me back a whole crew of worry dolls from her to trip to Guatemala.

The dolls she gave me came in a little pouch.  Legend has it if you whisper all your worries to the dolls and keep them under your pillow as you sleep, you wake up worry-free.  The dolls are on the case.  You can sleep better knowing that they are working on eliminating all your fears.

I did as I was told.  Night after night, I shook the dolls out of their colorful pouch and one by one I whispered my worries to them.  Back then I had a lot on my plate.  My concerns were burdensome, but the dolls didn’t seem to mind.  With their arms permanently open wide they seemed to be offering themselves to me and for some reason this made me extremely grateful.

I’d delicately tuck my miniscule crew under my pillow and place my head ever so tenderly on top of it, feeling a little lighter just knowing I had a whole team of worriers working it out for me.

I hadn’t thought about my tiny squad in a while.  They may be due for a sleepover.  I don’t want them to forget me.

I bought the lone doll for my friend.  I hope she finds some solace in it, the way I did with mine.  Something tells me she will.

Thank you for the joy little dolls and small rituals with a lot of meaning can bring.

Much Gratitude,


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