It Dances With the Daring

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Dear Universe,

I like commercials.  I mean I don’t live for them or anything and if I’m watching a show I’ve recorded on my DVR, I skip the ads.

But I’ve also been known to be completely captivated by an ad.  Goosebumps?  I’ve had those.  Tears?  Oh, you bet.

Give me a good ad any time.  I’ll totally buy into it.

That’s why when I saw this commercial for Toyota months ago, I was in.  I took the bait—hook, line, sinker and all that good stuff.

Picture this: scenery flashing by as someone drives and the voiceover says:

“Let’s go places.  Not just the ones you can find on a map, but the ones you can find in your heart.  Because inspiration doesn’t favor those who sit still—it dances with the daring.  And rewards the courageous with ideas.  Ideas that inspire.  Ideas that take you places you never imagined.  Ideas big enough to make the heart skip a beat…but in some cases, maybe two.  Toyota.  Let’s go places.”

Genius!  I practically wanted to hop right off my couch then and there and do something… anything.

I didn’t, but I wanted to and the words stayed with me.

Since then, every time I hear the ad start up, I stop what I’m doing and get completely sucked in.  Every time.  There’s just something about it.

I guess it’s because I agree with this philosophy.

Even in the worst times of my life, I have a deal with myself.  Wallowing, crying, moaning, worrying—it’s fine.  But then I stop.  I make myself get up.  I make myself shower, get dressed, and do something.  Anything.

It’s not a written contract or anything, but that’s the basic gist.

So pack your bags (but not your baggage) and “let’s go places.”  Get ideas.  Get inspired.

Or just get off that couch and dance.

Go ahead.  I dare you.

With Gratitude,


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