Dry Bar

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Dear Universe,

Sometimes a girl needs to just sit at a bar.

I’m not talking about the kind of bar that serves drinks with umbrellas and cherries.  I’m talking about a bar that you sit back, relax, and let the barista—or rather hairista—blowout your hair.

A blowout bar.

That’s right.  For a while now I’ve been wanting to try Dry Bar, the hair salon that only focuses on blowouts with drink inspired names.

Grab a menu and “pick your poison.”

Looking for something simple?  Try the “Straight Up.”

Messy and tousled more your style?  Order the “Mai Tai.”

From the moment you walk in you really do feel like you are at a bar/salon.  Instead of individual stations where hairdressers tend to you, you are seated at a rectangular bar where everyone is next to each other.  Hairdressers may talk to one another, but so might the woman next to you.

It turns out the girls next to me were in town for a Bachelorette party and were getting their night started with voluminous blowouts—probably “Southern Comforts.”

Oh, and if you so desire, you can have a drink.

I sipped on champagne while I waited for the big reveal.

The result?  I walked out feeling relaxed.  And my hair?  Well, it may have turned a few, perfectly coiffed heads.

Thank you for the experience.  I’ll definitely be returning to my new favorite bar the next time I’m in New York City.

With Gratitude,



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