Laugh Out Loud

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“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.”  ~Jean Houston

Dear Universe,

Sometimes you just need to laugh.  Hard.  So hard the embarrassing loud laugh escapes (the snorting kind) and shocks you and those around you.  So hard that tears come to your eyes and your stomach hurts.

About a week ago, my friend invited me for a night out that promised to be fun.  It was a comedy show and we both hadn’t been to one in quite a while.  She happened to know the headlining comic and he was gracious enough to leave us free tickets.  Upon our arrival we were escorted to our VIP seats right next to the stage.

Of course we feared the worst.  Surely we would be fodder for the comics.  Luckily, we escaped the wrath of both comedians and the host for the evening—who was particularly ruthless with the crowd.

The result?  A laugh out loud night.   I hadn’t laughed like that in so long, too long.

I can’t recreate the jokes, though my friend and I are constantly quoting them, but I wanted to come up with a way to make everyone who reads this laugh today.

I present…. Some funny video clips that will hopefully make you laugh out loud or at least put a smile on your face because everyone needs a good chuckle once in a while or as often as possible!

1.  We’ll call this “Charlie bit me.”  Because that’s what the adorable boy says in it.  Watch if you like cute babies and British accents! A win win!

2.  SNL spoofs Homeland.  Watch this if you’re a fan of Homeland. Absolutely hilarious.

3.  Did you ever wonder what Mrs. Doubtfire would look like as a horror film?  Well, now is your chance to find out!

4.  Oprah giving away cars parody.  Classic!

5.  And must be watched in conjunction with Tyra Banks parody!  Genius!

6.  For all you Siri lovers or haters—a must see.  (Warning: some explicit language).

7.  An oldy, but goody.  Triumph the insult comic dog at a Star Wars movie premiere (a little explicit).

8.  A baby panda sneezes!  Just because I felt a cute animal video needed to be added in the mix.

It’s been said that most adults laugh an average of seventeen times a day.  Hopefully you’re well on your way to surpassing that today. 🙂

Thank you for the laughs, Universe.  Please keep them coming!

Much Gratitude,



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