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Dear Universe,

About a week and half ago I was catching up with a friend of mine here.  He asked what my plans were while I was in London.

I started rattling off different possibilities.  Museums and movies, festivals and fairs, exhibits and excursions.

He stopped me before I could finish.

“You have a list, don’t you?”

I cringed and laughed.  “Yes.  I’m a list maker.  I admit it.  I have lists and then sub-lists for the lists and then lists to remember the lists.”

I wish I had been exaggerating.

It felt good to get this admission off my chest.  He laughed.

“I make lists too.”  (I know this about him so it made me feel better he wasn’t just humoring me).  “But recently I have taken a break from making lists.  And it has been a good thing.”

A break from lists?  A good thing?!  What was he talking about?  Had he gone mad?

“You should try it.”

He had gone mad!  I was about to defend my lists and argue how they help me think of things to do when I wake up or how it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment when I cross something off them, but instead I thought about what he said.

A break from lists.  Hmm, maybe he was onto something.  I was on vacation, after all.  And I have been to London before so there is no sense of urgency to complete things.

But no lists whatsoever?  I worried with less lists would I become listless?

There was only one way to find out.

Now listen, I couldn’t go cold turkey!  But I did give the lists a little rest.

The result?  Well, I think I’ll always be lover of lists, but it has been nice to not feel tied to one (or three) and to just live life list free for a bit.  It has led to some more spontaneous moments.

Before bed though, I do always write down what I did that day so I remember.  I’m not sure if that’s cheating, but in my book, it’s not the same as making a list!  Even if I put little checkmarks next to them. 🙂

Thank you for the permission to let my lists go—at least temporarily.  I know I could never live without them long-term.  But it’s been a nice experiment and a reminder to live more for the moment and less for the list.

With Gratitude,



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