Anchors Away

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“All you need is one safe anchor to keep you grounded…” ~Katie Kacvinsky

Dear Universe,

As you know, I am a fan of signs and symbols.  I look for them everywhere and give thanks when the message is received.

Lately, there is one symbol that keeps popping up.

It’s an anchor.  A couple of months ago I started seeing anchors everywhere, from logos, to stores, to clothing, to jewelry…

They were appearing so often that I started to wonder what it could mean.  Right away, the obvious came to mind.  I thought of how an anchor is dropped and helps keep a boat in place.

Upon further research however, I found a definition that struck a chord with my soul.

Some words that stood out to me were intuition, emotions, subconscious, actions, hope and steadfastness.

But a more detailed explanation resonated with me immediately.

When an anchor rises it symbolizes hope.  It indicates the start of a new journey or adventure.  Anything is possible.  It can be the beginning of something small or something more significant, but it means finally leaving something behind.

The anchor can also symbolize stabilizing.  Dropping an anchor into the water means finally settling down after a journey.  It means being sure enough to know that this is where you belong—until you’re ready for the next adventure.

I love all of this!  I love the idea of venturing off on a new path and knowing exactly when it’s time to settle my anchor down.

Shortly after discovering this, I gave in and bought a bracelet with an anchor.  It felt important to have one on me as a reminder since in many ways I am still finding my way.

A few weeks ago, I realized my lovely grandmother also had a thing for anchors.  As my mom and I went through some of her jewelry, I found anchor earrings, necklaces and a simple, gold pin which I now have attached to my purse.

Each time I put the bracelet on or see my grandmother’s pin, I’m reminded that I am exactly where I need to be—making strides and sailing forward.  It’s such a nice feeling.

What’s even nicer is that I still am seeing anchors everywhere.  Thank you making this sign so obvious that it just couldn’t be ignored.  It’s much appreciated.

With Gratitude,


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  1. Rj Latter

    I just received goosebumps literally from ready this . Iv been seeing anchors for the last few months & nobody could tell me what it meant . & I read this article & understood right away . Wow my mind is blown . I can’t stop crying .

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