Autumn Air

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“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.” ~Jim Bishop

Dear Universe,

Today is the first day of fall.

Though I love summer, and all that those months entail, I have to admit, I like fall too.

There’s something about the crisp, cool air and the autumn colors that energize me.  There’s also apple picking, apple cider, pumpkin pies and Halloween candy—and I’m a fan of all those too.

Today is the only day of the year where the daytime hours are equivalent to the nighttime hours.  With darkness coming earlier and earlier, things take on more of an urgency.  For many, the start of fall signifies a time for seeing what the harvest has brought and planning ahead for winter.

I think this can be symbolic in all our lives, even if the harvest we are taking stock of is more of the personal or spiritual variety.

The change of season can inspire us to take a moment and evaluate our progress these last nine months.  Summer is often a time for relaxation and rest and something about the start of fall feels more pressing.  It may be because with the leaves falling, the temperatures dropping and the daytime hours dwindling, that we are reminded winter isn’t too far off.  The New Year is right around the corner.

And in many ways, it feels like our final push to make the most out of the year before we usher in a new one.

So take the time today to think back on the harvest you’ve reaped.  Ask yourself if you’re happy with how your seeds have sowed or if there is still more work that needs to be done.

Because even though the days are shorter and the nights are longer, you still have time to make the most of these last few months of the year.

Thank you for the start of a new season.  It always arrives at just the right time.

With Gratitude,



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