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“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”  ~W.B. Yeats

Dear Universe,

Nothing says fall and Halloween in New England quite like Salem, MA.

Typically, once a year I take my annual mini-road trip with my mother and our good friend to this famous town.

It didn’t disappoint.  It never does.

The afternoon started out with a walk on the cobblestone roads taking in the massive crowds that filled the streets.  The Halloween spirit was alive as families, friends, couples and kids were dressed in costume.

In Salem, anything goes.  Of course there were some traditional costumes, like witches, werewolves and priests.  There were the animal ones like foxes, cats and a bunny (okay this was non-traditional in the sense that it was a grown man in a pink onesie, bunny ears and bunny slippers).  Then there were the gory ones—the zombies and a blood spattered Marilyn Monroe (I have no idea).  There were the bizarre ones that you caught your eye, but you couldn’t place.  There was the all-time costume that frightens me the most—Michael Myers from the Halloween movies (that gets me every time).  And there was the guitar-playing, soul-singing Superman.

But Salem has more than just the costumes going for it.

As you breathe in the crisp fall air and the scent of sage permeating the streets, you realize there is a lot to do, a lot to take in.  There are the walking tours of historical hauntings as soon as nightfall hits.  There is the graveyard packed with people walking around.  There is the family friendly fair with rides and popcorn (I had never seen this before).  There are the street sands selling everything from hot dogs to edible sugar coated skulls.  There is the evening gala complete with a séance.  There are the shops that sell candles for anything you could ever want (money, protection, love, lust).  If that’s not your style you can simply pick up a new tarot deck—there are so many to choose from—or buy some essential oils, sprays and incense.

Or you can always just skip all that and go the Psychic Fair.

Each year Salem holds its annual psychic fair where spiritualists from all over congregate to give readings throughout the month of October.  This wasn’t our first foray to the fair and as we finally made our way into the room, memories came flooding back in.

We remembered the last time we came to the Psychic Fair was two years ago.  Immediately we recognized some of the readers we sat with and we saw some new additions to the mix.  We booked some appointments and scattered off, knowing we would check in at the end of the night.

A couple of hours later as we sat at dinner drinking lobster claw martinis (them not me), we dished the details of what the future holds.

Some of the readings were just okay (one reader spent the whole time suggesting a sea-salt, lavender infused, baking soda bath) while some were much better.  A first?  A psychic that sang to tune into my vibration and get messages.  Throughout the years I’ve had many readings, observed many techniques, interviewed psychics and studied up on others, and I have never seen, or rather heard, of this before.  I actually think it worked!  The reading was pretty accurate!

As we compared notes and timelines, promises and predictions, we decided that yes, our trip to Salem had been worth it.

It always is.

Thanks for a fun fall day filled with spirits—of all kinds—and readings.  Of course we won’t know for a while if what we heard was true or not, but that’s what makes it all the more exciting.

Wondering is a natural part of life.  This just adds a different, mystical element to the mix.  And by now, I’ve learned to take what I hear with a grain of sea-salt, tuck my notes deep in a drawer and live my life with appreciation for each day, whatever it brings.

With Gratitude,


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