Special Delivery

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Dear Universe,

The other day I received a very special, surprise delivery!

No—no one sent me flowers, or chocolates or a present.  In fact, the surprise delivery was from me.

About five months ago, I wrote myself an email to arrive in the future.  I had tried this before, but the email never came or if it did, I missed it.

This time though, I saw the email, did a double-take and rushed to open it!  Way back then, I had picked a random day and a random time hoping that when the email arrived, it would be a genuine shock.

It worked.  I woke up, made some coffee, checked my email as usual, not expecting a message to arrive from the past.

But there it was.

I opened it eagerly, read it in a rush, groaned once or twice, laughed a few times, and finished it with a smile, grateful I had written it all those days ago.

In the email, I shared what was occupying my mind at the time, what my hopes were for the months to come and to spice things up a bit, I made a few predictions of where future me would be when I opened the email.

Present day me was pretty impressed with past me.  For the most part, I was fairly accurate.

Receiving the email wasn’t just a fun treat.  It made me remember—or realize—a few things.

1.  Things that were bothering me then?  Well, they don’t matter as much—or at all—in the present.  Lesson:  Have faith that no matter what the issue is, it won’t be on my plate permanently—even if it feels like that at the time.

2.  As much as I can sometimes feel like I have no idea what direction I’m headed in, it turns out that deep down?  My sense of things and my intuition are more in tune than I acknowledge.  Lesson:  I really should trust my gut more.

3.  Issues have a way of working out and my stressing about them didn’t help solve anything!  Things were going to pan out regardless.  In fact, for the most part, I didn’t solve problems.  Life just happened and it did it for me.  Lesson:  I shouldn’t worry as much as I do.

Who knew an email from myself, from not that long ago, could contain so much insight?  I highly recommend trying it—even for fun.

Thank you for the message from months ago.  If I needed proof that I am moving forward, even when I feel like I’m not, the email was evidence enough.

And just in case future me needs to be reminded of that months from now, I decided to do something about it.

I sent another email to arrive down the road (using emailfuture.com).  I won’t say when since I don’t want to remember when it will be.

All I know for sure is that the moment it arrives, will be perfectly timed as you, Universe, make sure of that.

Much Gratitude,



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