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as it should be3“You need to trust, to surrender, to ask for guidance.  Go within for the answers…  All you need do is ask.” ~Karen Hackel

Dear Universe,

When it comes to certain things, like needing help, I hate to ask.

But when it comes for looking for answers, I ask away.

There are times when I ask my mom, a friend, a mentor.  Other times I may ask a spiritual reader or a psychic.  Typically, I look for an opinion or advice.  Sometimes the answer presents itself to me just by talking it out with someone else.

I thought of this yesterday when I was driving and saw this license plate in front of me:  “ASKGOD.”  I wondered who was driving the car, what he did for a living and it made me realize how much he must believe in the power of that statement to have it as a plate, a message being spread for others to see.

It made me reflect on how often I seek guidance.  When I am not reaching out to my loved ones or gurus, I simply ask my question out loud.  I figure it’s being heard by you, Universe, or my angels, my guides, God…

And usually, if I pay close attention, the answer presents itself to me.

The thing is this.  The answers never just drop from the sky.  Usually they arrive in the form of a sign, a song, an oddly timed phone call, a conversation that comes out of the blue, a number popping up, or a license plate…

I have discovered that the only catch is you have to be paying attention and willing to believe that when the sign presents itself, it is the answer you are searching for.  Because there’s no point in asking for signs and answers if you’re only going to ignore them or doubt their significance.

This takes a little faith and a lot of practice.

If you haven’t tried it yet or don’t believe me, start small.  Ask for a sign that you will recognize when you see it.  Once you do, acknowledge it.  Give thanks for the message.

After all, when someone hands you a present, you typically say “thank you.”  This is no different.

This asking has become so much a part of my nature that I can say it’s a practice that happens daily.  Another suggestion?  Be sure you are clear in what you are asking for.  I have realized that the more specific I can be, the quicker the answer comes in a way that is hard to miss.

My favorite moments are when I realize what a sense of humor you have, Universe.  Sometimes you send a sign that is so blatant or so literal or so funny, that I have a good laugh, which is what I think you were going for.  That’s when I realize you want me not to stress as much and just have a little more fun as I travel on this journey, seeking answers.

So ask away.  Ask a friend, ask a loved one, ask within or ask out loud.  Just ask.

And don’t be surprised when you get the answers; just be thankful.

With Gratitude,



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