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“Inspiration is everywhere. All you need to do is be inspired by your life—every day, every moment, everything.”

Dear Universe,

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure where I would take it.

Then at some point I realized it was the other way around. It wasn’t about my direction for the blog, but rather where it wanted to take me.

Let me explain.

The blog started as a way to keep me positive after what was a particularly dark time in my life. I wanted to remind myself that no matter what was happening, I always had things to be grateful for. I thought the blog would be a good way to keep track of that.

I also wanted it be about every day, normal things that inspire me. That was the part I worried about. I feared that at some point, I would stop being inspired, and I would run out of ideas to share.

Yet here I am, years later, 235 posts later, and I can honestly say that I am still getting inspired on a daily basis.

Have I been struck with some sort of magical power that enables me to see things others don’t? Of course not.

I really feel the key to my constant stream of insight is because of a shift in my mindset.

I’ve discovered that in order to see life in a new way, you have to be open to receiving. You have to be willing to see your experiences and relationships with a fresh perspective. You have be aware and notice things more.

And I think that’s a lesson that’s as true for being inspired as it is for anything else in life.

Looking for love? Well, you need to be open.

Stuck in a situation or relationship that just isn’t working? Well, maybe it’s time to approach that circumstance with a new perspective.

Trying to figure out what your life passion is? Well, you need to be aware of your emotions—when do you feel most fulfilled?

enjoy life

The point is, opening myself up on a daily basis so I can be constantly inspired, has led to so many other exciting opportunities and new people I would have never found otherwise.

I’m not taking this blog where I want it to go; it’s leading me.

Where would you be led if you shifted your mindset?

Changing perspectives or taking on a new direction in life is not always easy. In fact, it takes practice like any new action or behavior we wish to adopt. But eventually, it becomes second nature, becomes natural.

Now I don’t think about what the next blog post will be or go “looking for” inspirational things. I don’t need to search because they just come to me, freely and frequently. Sometimes it’s just in the normal, everyday things and sometimes it’s in the most humorous of ways. But the one thing I have learned is this.

You, Universe, never disappoint.

With Gratitude,



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