Joy to Your World

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be led by joy

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” ~Joseph Campbell

Dear Universe,

So often in life we find ourselves doing things we don’t really want to.  Sometimes it’s because we feel an obligation, because we feel responsible, because we don’t know how to say no.  And sometimes we agree because we feel it’s the right thing to do.

But right for who?

Often we choose what the right thing is to do based on someone else, rather than what’s best for ourselves.

Now I’m not suggesting we go around being selfish and not helping others.  On the contrary! I am simply suggesting we check in with ourselves more.

Because the more we say yes to others while saying no to ourselves, the more likely we are to eventually get worn out and resentful.

So here’s a quick checklist the next time you are faced with a decision:

1.  Ask yourself if the choice you are about to make feels right with your soul.  If you’re not sure, sleep on it. A good night’s rest can make a world of difference.

2.  If you come to conclusion that you need to say no, that’s okay.  And guess what?  No is a complete sentence.  You don’t have to explain your decision.  Once you realize that, it makes things a lot easier.  You can say no because that’s what’s right for you.  You can say no because chances are you’ve been told no before and your world didn’t end.

3.  Don’t feel guilty!  Whether you are saying no to someone or saying yes to something that you think others won’t support, grant yourself the gift of peace.  There’s no sense in taking the time to make a decision only to feel guilty about it afterwards.

The way I see it—and it’s taken me a while to learn this—is that life is a gift and we have an obligation to be happy.  Whenever possible, follow your joy.  Follow what makes every fiber of your being feel set on fire with passion.  Don’t go around hurting others in the process, but most importantly, don’t go around hurting yourself.

Life’s simply too short for that.

With Gratitude,






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