Choosing Change

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change is in the air

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” ~Andy Warhol

Dear Universe,

Fall only recently arrived and already the air feels crisper.  It’s the type of air that can cut you to the core, make you walk faster and dress a little warmer.  It’s the type of air that clears your head in an instant, bringing clarity you didn’t know you needed.

I didn’t want to let go of summer, but now it seems I have no choice.

It’s a reminder that change is always occurring, no matter how hard we try and hold onto the present—or the past.

We often think of change as something intangible, something we have no control over.  While this may be true when it comes to the seasons, it doesn’t necessarily apply to our lives.

We can actively participate in planning, receiving and accepting change.  We can choose how react to it.  We can fight it or we can embrace it.

Instead of sitting back waiting for a sign or the next thing to happen to us, we can choose to see how we will consciously play a part in our own lives.

our tomorrows

What we do today can affect what our tomorrows will look like.  We can choose to participate in things each day that our future selves will thank us for.  We can say yes to the risk we’ve been too afraid to take. We can say no and reject the situations or people that cause us unrest.

It may not seem like much, but the little decisions we make can eventually add up to the bigger, life-changing moments we never forget.

I know this may seem obvious, but so often we get caught up in the everyday minutiae that we forget to take a step back and simply make a choice.

So if you are like me—feeling change is in the air—take a moment to think about how you want that to look.

Ask yourself how you can gracefully let go of what no longer serves you while simultaneously welcoming what’s next.  Think about what would be the best way to show appreciation and gratitude for what life offers you—no matter what it is.

For each of us the answer is different, but deep down we know what feels right.

Change can be frightening.  Moving forward into the unknown can be downright terrifying.

But if we mentally prepare and plan for it a little more, it can feel exhilarating and even exciting.

If you don’t believe me, think back on all the times when change happened and led to new people, unforgettable adventures or the opportunity of a lifetime.

Let go of your fears of the changing season and embrace what’s ahead.

Here’s hoping it brings you exactly what you need—even if you can’t see it in the moment.

That’s usually the way you, Universe, work it out.

With Gratitude,





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