Instincts and Intuition

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something is off

“Intuition literally means learning from within. Most of us were not taught how to use this sense, but all of us know well that ‘gut feeling.’ Learn to trust that inner feeling and it will grow stronger. Avoid going against your better judgement or getting talked into things that just don’t feel right.” ~Doe Zantamata

Dear Universe,

I love that feeling when everything seems to be falling into place.  Well, really.  Who doesn’t?

We all know what it feels like from the outside in.

Everything is on—on point, on target, on track, on the way.  Our senses and intuition are on at full force signaling to us that all is going well.

It’s that time when things in your world come together in a way that feels destined.  You see the bright side to all situations.  Blessings are bestowed, birds are chirping, the sun is shining.  You feel good, sleep soundly, have great energy and have time for the things you most value.

You genuinely feel peace and joy.

We accept this feeling and continue on enjoying our days… until something shifts, changes or goes wrong.

Yet somehow when this shift occurs and something feels off, we tend to lose our common sense, our intuitive knowing.  For whatever reason, we question our instincts.

Sometimes we can’t see the simple truth that if something feels off, it might be because it actually is.

Instead, we make excuses and ignore what’s right in front of us.  Worse, we may avoid the feeling altogether, sweeping it as far away from our minds as we can.

“If it doesn’t feel right somehow, maybe it’s because something is wrong.”

But the more we ignore this feeling, the more it lingers, nags and nudges us.  It whispers for us to notice and when that doesn’t work, it talks a little louder, begging to be heard, building to a crescendo that screams for our full attention.

We all know what feeling good feels like.

It requires no justification, no questioning, no wondering.  It just works.  It’s just natural.  Quite simply, it feels like things are in harmony, often with very little effort on our parts.

So when something feels off, it only makes sense to trust that feeling too.  You may not want to face it, but eventually you must.

Yes, it’s hard to be honest and admit something doesn’t feel right or isn’t working for us anymore.  Maybe it’s a relationship, a friendship, a job or something more insignificant that is causing us unrest.  It doesn’t matter.  These nudges are our intuition communicating with us.  It’s a sacred gift and we must cherish it, honor it.

When a negative feeling persists, question why it’s there.  Often you instinctively already know the answer.  Perhaps it’s an obvious one. Other times it may require some deep digging; it’s okay—you have access to all the tools you need.

trust your hunches

“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”

Here’s the part that can be hard.  Once you figure out what’s off, instead of ignoring it or wishing it away, make a different choice.  Choose to face it.  Choose to make a change.

Make the choice to at least try.

You owe it to yourself.

After all, the sooner you figure out what’s off, the sooner you can get back to feeling like things are on again, and that includes you.

With Gratitude,



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  2. Beenish

    Thank you for this ! I can totally relate to this have suffered a lot lately ,,, wish i had listened to my gut feeling n not got talked into something which i am regreting so teribly

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