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“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.  Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~Roald Dahl

Dear Universe,

I’ve been seeing a clear sign this holiday season.  It’s a sign that has appeared in different places at different times—even in different states!

The message?

To believe.

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The first time I saw a sign, I smiled.  I knew it was a shout out to Santa Claus, but it resonated with me on a more visceral level.  Each day I do my best to believe that there are blessings arriving and more on the way.

I took a picture and forgot all about it. I think that’s why you reminded me again… and again! From glittery signs to eye-catching figurines to holiday mugs to red t-shirts donning Santa himself, this was one message I couldn’t ignore.

The world has enough doubt and uncertainty.  There are rough times and tough moments.  It’s true.  There are questions whose answers don’t come all neatly wrapped with a beautiful bow.  In fact, sometimes the answers don’t come at all.

I know that if we all stop for a moment we can think of a time—probably several, in fact—when hope felt lost or simply beyond our reach.  In those dark days we didn’t believe things would get better or turn around.  We didn’t believe what we needed would be given to us.  And then suddenly, life surprised us in a way that made us believe all over again.

Believing is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves.  The simple act of believing adds hope in our day to day lives.

The more you believe, the more you will receive… the signs, the blessings, the miracles.  You’ll see them present in a way you never have before because you are more open to finding and welcoming them.

Noticing how life twists and turns in our favor makes each day more serendipitous and magical.  And having those realizations, our beliefs confirmed, gives us faith to keep believing, to believe even more.

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So yes, believe… just beClause.  Make a choice to believe in the divine ways life does work out.  BeClause even when it seems like it’s not, patience and time can reveal it actually is.

Whenever possible, especially when it feels impossible, do your best to believe.  Believe in starry nights perfect for wishes that are bound to come true.  Believe in lucky traditions—the ones you simply have to do.  Believe that at any time, anything can change, can become new.  Believe in the power of love; what you seek is seeking you.  Believe in miracles that can transpire out of the blue.  Believe in healing; start with you.

Much Gratitude,




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  1. Damaris

    Dear lady, this touched my soul giving my heart a one on one conversation. Thank you for your inspiring letters as I resonate much with them.

    Wishing you many blessings these holidays and beyond.

    Damaris, Queen Goddess

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