Dublin and Moher

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“Travel doesn’t become an adventure until you leave yourself behind.” ~Marty Rubin

Dear Universe,

I have long dreamed of traveling to Ireland.  And when the plan was made, everyone told me the same thing.

I would love Ireland.  The Irish people would greet us with open arms.  Ireland is beautiful.

And from the moment we arrived at the airport, I could see I wouldn’t be disappointed.

When I told the cab driver that this was our first time in Ireland, his reply was, “And it won’t be your last.”

Loved that warm welcome!

A few hours later, while we strolled in the busy Temple Bar area, I met a leprechaun (well someone dressed up in an elaborate Disney-worthy, plush costume).  After posing for a picture with this fellow, he encouraged me to make a wish and drop a coin in his pot of gold.  Then he looked at my smiling face and said, “Oh, your wish already came true.”

Loved that Irish blessing!

And soon I was seeing that all around were signs of Irish luck.  Naturally, I loved the trinkets, magnets, ornaments, bracelets and blessings everywhere we went.  I of course had to snag some things to bring home.  My Irish wishing stone is “a piece of Ireland” I will always keep with its promise of “health, happiness and love.”

But as much as I was lovin’ Dublin, I was aching to take a road trip and see the parts of Ireland I associated the country with.  I wanted to take in the rolling hills, scenic roads and sheep.

I really wanted to see some sheep.

So off we went in search of our Irish pot of gold.

It was one of the most spectacular days of the trip.

It wasn’t until we were driving in the Irish countryside, complete with sheep—so cute!—wild horses, cows, and llamas, that I realized there are so many different shades of green.

ireland 4    ireland 5

There’s the brilliant emerald green, the lighter lime green, lucky leprechaun clover green, and the abundant grassy green.  The greens roll together connecting in the hills and fields, all blending together seamlessly in scenery that looks more like museum paintings and not real life.

ireland 8

With some stops along the way—an abbey, a field of cows, a castle—we drove along the Atlantic coast until we arrived at our destination: The Cliffs of Moher.

ireland 2   ireland 7

The Cliffs are majestic.  They are endless, breathtaking and one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen.  When we were offered a boat ride to see the cliffs from the ocean, I was a little hesitant at first.  The weather had been questionable earlier and I worried about being stuck in pouring rain and choppy waters.

We said yes.

That boat ride is something I will never forget.  The sun came out.  The waters were calm.  And everywhere we turned there was something to see, something to steal our breath away.  Probably the best moment was when I saw hundreds of Puffins flying around us and nestling on their favorite cliff.

(If you are ever in Ireland, it’s a must see!)

ireland 3

Surrounded by the sounds of crashing waves, Puffins squawking, and the most majestic scenery, I felt fully in the moment.  I wasn’t thinking about anything else and I certainly didn’t want to be anywhere else.

Sometimes you have to travel far to leave yourself behind.

As if the day wasn’t memorable enough, on the ride back to Dublin, we saw the most perfect rainbow.

ireland 1

(It was actually a perfect, complete rainbow, but that’s all we could get for the picture. Hopefully you get the idea!)

We didn’t find a pot of gold, but we found something better.

This day trip reminded me of how being in the moment and saying yes to opportunities can lead to new adventures, new sights and sometimes saying yes leads to a boat ride to one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

It reminded me that every now and then, you have to let yourself ride the waves, and get lost in the moment.  You have to push your fears or worries aside and just take a leap of faith, go for that adventure, and take advantage of a moment that may not come again.

It’s something that back here at home, I don’t want to forget.  I want to remember to stop and take in moments, to let myself be fully immersed in them, and I want to say yes to more opportunities, to live as fully as possible.

I want to remember to leave myself behind now and then, and forget everything except what’s right in front of me, what I’m doing.  I want to be able to do that even if I haven’t traveled to the other end of the Atlantic.

It’s something I wish for everyone.

Thank you for an amazing day.  I hope the cab driver is right.  I hope I’ll be back again to Ireland someday.

Much Gratitude,



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