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Feeling Busy? Try These Mantras Today!

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“For each of us there exists a limited amount of time in our day.  And for each of us there exists an infinite amount of time in our day.  It’s all in how you choose to see it.”

Dear Universe,

The end of the semester is fast approaching which means: busy, busy, busy.

It’s an even extra busy time with wedding planning and working on a new project (stay tuned to hear more about this in the near future!)

The point is this.  I keep finding myself saying how I wish I had more time or how there’s never enough time.

Luckily, my best friend resets me when she hears me talking like this.

She immediately interrupts to correct me and say, “I have more than enough time.”

And that’s when I take a deep breath to repeat, I have more than enough time.

I was thinking it may be helpful for me to come up with a few more mantras to have by my side when I am feeling the pressure of time.

Naturally, I wanted to share them all with you.  After all, who isn’t feeling busy these days?

When trying to balance a lot in one day:

“I get through my day with grace and ease.”

When feeling exhausted:

“I give myself the rest I need.”

When feeling overwhelmed:

“I am capable of doing everything I need to do.”

When you are not sure what responsibility to tackle first:

“I keep my priorities in order.  I focus on one thing at a time.”

When you worry about tomorrow or the future:

“I focus on the present moment.  I trust I am ready for what’s next.”  (Tweet that!)

When feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day:

“I have more than enough time.” (Thanks, P!)

“I easily make time to maintain a balance between my work and life.”

mantras 8

I hope these mantras are helpful to you and that they uplift and inspire you during times when you need it most!

I’d love to hear what mantras you tell yourself when things get hectic in your life!

With Gratitude,




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