The Truth About Truthbombing

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“When you’re ready to receive it, the truth finds its way to you. Once you hear it, it never goes away, quietly residing in the sanctuary of your soul.”

Dear Universe,

I have long been a fan of inspirational guru Danielle LaPorte.

I can’t remember when or how I was first introduced to her, but whenever I would catch one of her articles, I would read it.  Soon I began following her on social media and had a subscription to her newsletter.

A few months ago I saw she was having a Truthbomb deck giveaway.  Truthbombs are these little nuggets of wisdom that Danielle penned and started posting online.  Eventually she turned the truthbombs into inspirational cards.

I love her truthbombs; I get them in email every day and through her app on my phone.  In honor of her 1,000th truthbomb, she would be gifting out her two decks of cards to a lucky few.

Immediately I knew I had to enter the giveaway.  I already had one deck, but I thought of all the good I could do with two more.  All she asked was that you shared, gifted and gave away the cards she sent to you.  I loved this idea!  To enter you had to tell her what you would do if you were the winner.

For me, the answer was easy.  I would give the truthbomb cards to students, friends, family and sprinkle them wherever I could.  As someone who tries to spread inspiration on a daily basis, I was up for this!

When I was notified I was one of ten winners I was completely thrilled.  Soon the decks arrived in the mail and I was ready.  Let the truthbombing begin!


The truth about Truthbombing

I began where it was easy.  I set up the deck on a side table in my home.  Whenever guests would come over, I explained what the truthbombs were, told them to shuffle the cards around and pick one to keep.  Even my fiancé got in the spirit of things often telling guests to take one when I hadn’t asked yet.

The truth:  I was never really sure how people would react to this.  But what I found was that everyone loved having their own personal message to keep.  It was like a fortune cookie on steroids.  Instead of a little slip of white paper, they were going home with a thick-packed-with-a-punch-card carrying words that would be hard to forget.


Next, I would give them away.  Most mornings I would walk over to the deck and reflect on my day ahead.  I would think of who I would be seeing that day and instantaneously someone would come to mind that I felt would benefit from a truthbomb.  With that person in mind, I would pick a card to give to her (or him) later in the day.

The truth:  I presented the cards to friends, family, acquaintances, students and colleagues.  I loved seeing the reactions.  The cards were always, always on point.  I would often laugh out loud at how perfect the messages were.  And when I would deliver them, the person usually thought the exact same thing!  Some even responded by telling me they would frame it.

(I understand as I have a card I plan to frame too!)

Finally, I would embrace my truthbomb fairy status and sprinkle truthbombs wherever and whenever I could.  This meant on any given day you could find me carrying a handful of truthbombs ready to be dropped when the perfect moment or place presented itself.

The truth:  This was so much fun!  It was like a reverse scavenger hunt.  I would scope out a location, make sure no one was looking and leave a truthbomb behind.  It gave me such a sense of joy to imagine who would find the message, how it would affect them and what they would do with it.

In the last couple of months I have left truthbombs in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Washington DC and Virginia.  They have also traveled to Alaska, California and maybe a few locations I don’t know about!


I have left them in coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets and bookstores.  An airplane, a taxi, a car, a store display, a bulletin board, an old typewriter, a library bookshelf, a slot machine and a gym locker were also truthbombed.










From there, who knows what happened to the truthbombs?  I like to think they found their way to the right person at the right time as these things usually do.  I like to imagine a stranger discovering the card, and the words becoming a mantra, a lifeline, a message delivered at the exact right moment.

The truth about truthbombing is it has been a fun, fulfilling adventure.  The truth is I still have so many more truthbombs to spread, so many more truths to share.

The ultimate truth:  Spreading the truths didn’t just brighten up other people’s days; it brightened up mine.  Giving someone the gift of a few words—words that resonate and feel truthful in a way they didn’t expect—turns the moment into a spiritual experience.  I enjoy giving myself inspirational missions to carry out anyway so this is a simple way to bring extra joy in my life.

Bust mostly I enjoyed remembering that the truth is the best gift of all.  It can be an answer to someone’s prayers, the words that put a soul at ease, the message that puts worries to rest.  It can feel like a curse, turning your world over, but even that is a blessing as the truth really will set you free.

Time after time I saw this in the faces of everyone who took a truthbomb:  the look of shock then relief, the laugh followed by an incredulous head shake, the heavy sigh of release, the eyes of understanding, the soft, practically hidden smile or the slow, knowing nod when words were too much to express.

Thank you to the fabulous Danielle LaPorte for creating these witty and wise treasures and thanks for the opportunity to gift them away.

With Gratitude,



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