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Make Your Space Sacred

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“What you are surrounded by impacts your existence.  Make your space soul-filling, not soul-draining.” 

Dear Universe,

I wholeheartedly believe the energy we are surrounded by makes a difference in our lives.

The people around us can certainly impact our energy, but so can objects, furniture and lots of other things we don’t often consider.

Last week, I was reminded of the importance of noticing the energy in our homes so I wanted to share!

My friend just moved into a new home and is in the process of decorating it.  We were out shopping when she found a small, round, wooden table.  She turned to me so excited and said, “This would be great in my bedroom between my two chairs!”

As she went to buy it, the cashier noticed it was wobbly.  My friend asked for a discount.  She figured she could glue it and it would be fine.  The cashier agreed, but wondered why she would still want it.

My friend explained, “No one will really see it or use it.  It’s just for decoration in my bedroom.”

The cashier stopped what she was doing.  “Do you believe in Feng Shui?”

“I’m listening.”

“You cannot bring a broken table to your bedroom!  Do you want a broken relationship?”

“Say no more!  Take it away!”

The whole exchange cracked us up and made us think.  It was a sign!  My friend is single and she certainly doesn’t need to bring any bad luck or bad energy into her new home.

It was a reminder not to bring things into our lives that are broken or not quite a perfect fit, no matter how appealing they may seem.

The next day I was at an appointment when I decided to share the story with another friend.  I don’t know why, as it had nothing to do with what we were talking about, but something told me he might appreciate it.

I told him the story and he started to laugh.

“I think that message is for me too.”

“Why?  Do you have a broken table?”

“No, but this could be worse.  I have my ex-girlfriend’s bedroom set.”

I was shocked that this friend, who is also single, would be sleeping on his ex-girlfriends bed!

I immediately started yelling at him explaining what bad ju-ju this is and how he has to get rid of the bed ASAP.  I went on and on about the negative energy, the bad vibes, and how he needs his bedroom furniture to match the fact that he has moved on!

“The funny thing is I don’t even like the bedroom set.  It’s enormous.  Every time I walk into my bedroom that’s all I can think about.”

“Of course you do!” (I was really yelling at this point.)  “How will you ever move on to a new relationship when you are thinking about your ex every time you walk into your bedroom?  What are you thinking?!?”

He promised me he would sell it within the next few weeks.

I thought of my own life and how this could relate to me.  I remembered that each time I underwent a major breakup or move, I instinctively knew what needed to go and what could stay.

Pictures and mementos are obvious things that may need to be tossed.  But I have also found that clothes, and yes, furniture, can carry negative energy and associations we no longer want in our lives.

Sometimes it’s not possible to simply toss everything all at once, but we shouldn’t wait for spring to do a thorough cleaning of our home.  Commit to the constant evaluation of how things are making you feel.

Whenever possible, eliminate what makes your soul uneasy or unsettled.  (Tweet that!)

Remember, your home should feel like a sacred space filled with only loving, happy, positive energy.

Make the choice that anything new that enters this space has to make you feel positive and light.  Honor the space you are in.  Honor how you want to feel.

As for the old?  Even if something isn’t broken, if for any reason it brings you down or brings you back to a time you’d like to move on from, then you should let it go.  Let it all go.

It doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly feel the weight of the past lifted, or see an instantaneous shift in your life, but I guarantee you will feel lighter.

You may feel like you are not ready to fully let go, but remember this.

When you do let go of the things that no longer serve you, it signals to the Universe that you are clearing space for what’s next.  You are literally making room for all the new and exciting things that life has in store for you.  You are making room for joy and love and happiness and peace.

And, I promise, you are more than ready for that.

With Gratitude,



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