Stop Killing Your Motivation: Try These Mantras Today

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“It’s not just about dreaming. It’s about the doing. Don’t stop the doing.”

Dear Universe,

Most of us have dreams we are hoping for and working towards.  Sometimes we can be lit up like a firecracker, blasting off in all directions ready to illuminate the world with what we are envisioning.

And then suddenly, that inner blaze can just dissipate and we wonder where all our energy and motivation went.

I believe motivation, like creativity, can come in bursts.  Let’s face it.  Some days we simply are on fire, ready to burn bridges and blaze a path forward.

Other times we are a like a small, crackling flame whose embers are fading, waiting for something to refuel us.

I also think there are a few things that can cause our motivation to wane and that if we are aware, we can reignite our desires before we completely burn out.

Here are the top five motivation killers (that I’ve discovered over time) and the mantras you can use when you sense them creeping in.


We’ve all experienced what this is like.  Finally, we have time set aside to work towards our goal.  We have it all mapped—wait, the laundry really needs to get done.  I need to make one phone call, pay the bills, make a cup of tea, do the dishes, cook some dinner, take a nap…

You get the idea.  The thing is we are willing to get distracted because sometimes our goals are big and demanding.  Working on it for a couple of hours might not show major progress.  But having a clean house?  Well, that looks like something got done.

But here’s the real reason we subconsciously crave distractions.

We are scared. We are simultaneously scared of failing and succeeding.

Distractions mean we don’t have to be disappointed if our dream never works out.

And, as much as we want our dreams to come true, we might be scared if all of a sudden they became a reality so we avoid the work that will take us closer.

Stepping into our dreams takes unwavering courage, belief and focus.

 Mantra: “I focus on what I want with a fierce concentration.”



Similar to distraction, temptation calls our name and beckons us away from working on our dreams.  Temptation cries out offering a quick fix, a sorta-solution, some short-lived fun or an alternative, easy way.  Temptation is so… well, tempting.

We know temptation can misdirect us, yet when it pops up we rarely dismiss it. Instead, we start to rationalize why the temptation could be good for us.

Here’s the thing. It usually isn’t.

Typically, temptation veers us off track, down a windy, rocky road that leads back to where we were to begin with. 

Suddenly, when we are standing back at square one ready to square off once more, we remember why temptation was such a bad idea in the first place.

Save yourself the time, trouble, money, heartache… Stick to what you know is right for you.

Mantra: “I am willing to wait for the right circumstances.”



This one is tough.  Whenever I find myself peeking over at what someone else is doing or accomplishing, I remind myself of one of my favorite quotes:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

The only comparing you should be doing is of your past self. Are you making progress? Are you learning and growing? Are you getting closer to your dream even if it’s just by tiny steps?

Then great!  Keep going.

Comparing ourselves to others is usually depleting and can make us lose hope or feel like giving up. So what do you do to combat the comparison-blues?

When you do find yourself surrounded by people who already have what you want, remind yourself that there are parts of their journey you know nothing about. Every person deals with struggles. Nothing happens overnight.

Instead of fixating on the image—and it’s just an image—of perfection that you see, look at their achievements or health, or family life as your inspiration.

The Universe is showing you what you want to remind you to stay on track, not step off it.  (Tweet that!)
Mantra: “My journey unfolds perfectly for me. I am inspired by others while I focus on my path.”



Okay, so you are working hard. Actually, no, you feel like you’ve done the work. You are making healthy choices, you are focusing on your goals, you are saying no to things that aren’t meant for you, you are staring at your vision board every chance you get, and you are meditating every morning… and night.

But your dream? It’s still not here. In fact, you’re not sure the Universe got your memo on timelines, dates and dreams.  You are getting frustrated, even angry.  And all this frustration is making you want to quit.


The moment you are about to give up is usually the moment right before the miracle happens. Really. I’ve seen this happen in my own life countless times.

Frustrations are not fire extinguishers to your dreams.  (Tweet that!)

They are there to make you see how bad you want the thing. They are there to motivate and push you harder… if you let them.

Mantra: “I am willing to learn what this challenge has to teach me. I am growing for my dream to be possible.”



Worry is senseless.

Most of the time the things we worry about don’t happen and other times we obsess over things we shouldn’t even be thinking about.

Yet, we worry a lot—about anything. We worry about the future and the outcome. We worry about how and when it’s all going to fall into place. (That’s for the Universe to figure out, not you). We worry about what others are thinking or not thinking.

I could keep going, but it comes down to this:

Worry diminishes your spirit and your energy.  Worry steals you from the immense joy you can feel in being present in the here and now—the steps that are leading you to your destiny.

The time you spend worrying is better spent worshipping. (Tweet that!)

Worship your dream and your vision. Worship your work and your path.

Mantra: “All is well. All is as it should be. My path unfolds exactly as it should.”


Here’s the thing. If you have a dream that’s so important to you–the kind that keeps you up at night, the kind that makes your soul feel alive–then nothing, absolutely nothing, should get in your way.

The next time you hear Distraction, Temptation, Comparison, Frustration or Worry calling your name, shrug them off and say:

“Not today. I’ve got dreaming, creating, manifesting and living to do.”

Your dream awaits.

With Gratitude,



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