Art-Filled Afternoon

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“If you can dream it, you can do it.”  ~Walt Disney

Dear Universe,

Today I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon where a panel of three artists would be speaking and sharing their work.  In attendance?  A sculptor, a filmmaker and a writer—each successful in her field.

They took turns offering perspectives on how they work, what inspires them (driving, going for a run, being on the open sea) and then shared samples of their work.  As coffee and dessert were being served, the panel took questions from those in attendance—a mix of academics, fellow artists, acquaintances and retirees.

While all of it was fascinating, probably the best part of the afternoon was being surrounded by artists who are doing what they love on a consistent basis.  None of them gave the illusion it was easy.  In fact, all three had jobs teaching in their areas of expertise, while they fulfilled their passions outside of work.

But they all seemed blissfully happy.  Their smiles and enthusiasm were a constant for the entirety of the event.  They were grateful to be there showing their work and talking about upcoming projects.   Each of them made a point to thank the audience for attending and to thank the moderator for organizing the event.

It was an inspiring atmosphere to be in for a few hours and I’m glad I was there.  The conversation was invigorating, the message even more so.  For me, it reinforced the idea that no one should give up on a dream.  And that if something is your passion then you must do it; you must find a way to achieve it even if it’s just for yourself and no one else.

It was a message I needed to hear.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember what drives you, until you see it in someone else.

Much Gratitude, 



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