Blast From the Past

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Dear Universe,

Apparently I am not the only one who thinks of the future and one’s future self.

When I heard about the latest youtube sensation, I was intrigued.  Apparently in 1992, twelve-year-old Jeremiah McDonald made a video of himself talking to his future self.  Now, twenty years later, McDonald decides to have a little conversation with his past self who is speaking to his future self.  He then records the banter between selves.  Confused?  Just watch!


To say that I think this twelve year old was genius is an understatement.  I love that the video was preserved all these years and that present day Jeremiah decided to do something with it.  He and I could be secret soul friends.

I have to say if I had a video of twelve-year-old, geeky me talking, I’d probably burn it before I’d share it so I give Jeremiah a lot of credit here.  Anyway, I am not sure I could ever make a video for my future self.  Partly because I cringe at the sound of my voice and also for some reason I think a video of my former self surfacing years from now would make me a little sad.  For now I think I’ll just stick to my lists and my emails.

Thanks for the laugh and for the reassurance that I am not alone with the whole future me thing.

With Gratitude,



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