So Close, So Far… Seriously

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Dear Universe,

When I came to Egypt the first time, I was lucky enough to get to the pyramids, be stunned by the Sphinx and yes, ride a camel and live to tell about it.

But, as luck would have it, my camera broke.  All these incredible moments were missed.  When I spotted a camera shop nearby, I had hope.  The shopkeeper took a look at my camera though, and just shook his head so solemnly that no words—in Arabic or English—were needed.

(Getting closer!)

My consolation prize?  A disposable camera, that I paid through the roof for, that didn’t quite cut it.


This time around I was prepared.  Two cameras and my phone.

I was getting the pictures I always wanted.

Or so I thought.  My cousin and I arrived at the pyramids to find they were closing.  Seriously.  I still had a decent view from the gate so I whipped out my phone to snap a few pics.  Right as I was pressing the button, it died.  Seriously.

We spoke to the guards who wouldn’t let me in, even quick.  When I whipped out another camera, they wanted to charge me for taking pictures.  Seriously.

So this is what I got.  A few quick glances before heading back to the car.  It was disappointing—so close, yet so far and all that.  But a part of me had to laugh.  The pyramids are taunting me.

Universe, I am making a formal request.  Please get me back to the pyramids (with a working camera).  It’s one of the sights in the world that steals my breath completely and I’d like to spend some quality time there, just feeling overwhelmed, just being in the moment.  Thank you.

With Gratitude,



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  1. AB

    aww sounds like something that would happen to me…but the biggest question is which is better….Camera 1 or Camera 2 😉

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