It’s Complicated

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Dear Universe,

Sometimes things are just complicated.

Whether it’s love, life, friendships, figuring out your passions, working your job, sorting out problems, finding your way or following your heart, the path isn’t always straight and clear.

It can be well, complicated.  Difficult.  Tricky.  Stressful.  Foggy.  Questionable.

A couple of months ago I was reading an article by Martha Beck.  I always find her insightful and in this particular reading she mentioned the acronym KISS, short for keep it simple, stupid.

I laughed out loud.

Yes, life can be complicated.  But sometimes it can be simple.  It can even be easier than we think.

KISS has popped into my head these last months during challenging moments.  I now find myself asking if something is really difficult or if I’m making it that way—or at the very least contributing to a problem, blowing it out of proportion, losing perspective.

Sure.  Certain things are out of our hands.  But more often than not I’m realizing we sometimes toss things up to life being tough or complex, thereby making it harder, rather than just trying to keep it simple.

It’s easier to blame life or circumstances, than to look to ourselves and take charge or change our way of thinking.

When I was in London this past June, I had an encounter with an Indian guru who travels the world helping people.  He predicted wonderful things ahead for me in the near future.  Since I know a little about Tarot, and I could see the layout of the cards, I knew he was being truthful.  This was exciting news!


Except he told me I had a block preventing me from obtaining all these wonderful things spread in front of me.


But wait!

There was a solution, he said!  He offered to unblock me!


What would he need to do, you ask?

A little ritual.  Nothing major… You know, just take a photo, a piece of my unwashed clothing, burn them with a prayer, bury the ashes at night during a certain time of the month and something with a river.  Somehow a flowing river was involved.  I can’t remember the details because I began tuning out at “unwashed clothing.”

Later that night, I thought about it all and I began to laugh.

Surely, it didn’t need to be that complicated.  KISS!

Am I blocked?  Who knows?  Others have told me the same thing.


I never returned to the guru with my dirty laundry.  I figured we had already aired it all out anyway.  I decided to KISS and try to sort it out on my own.

Universe, let’s keep it simple, okay?  Surely there has to be an easier way to keep my path clear—one that doesn’t involve gurus and fires and rivers and moonlit nights.

I have faith.

Sometimes things are just complicated… but sometimes they are only as complicated as we allow them to be.

Much Gratitude,


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